Oregon Chainsaw Sharpener Review

Oregon chainsaw sharpeners are trending in the market and are of high quality. Both the professionals and the homeowners use these. This article is on Oregon chainsaw sharpener review, and a detailed description of the best Oregon chainsaw sharpener is provided.

If you own a chainsaw, you would need a chainsaw sharpener, and you would like to have a durable and high-performing product for this. The products of Oregon are reliable and give excellent results.

Oregon is a well-known company and makes different kinds of products in forestry, tree care, lawn equipment, and outdoor power equipment. 

While considering the outdoor products, it is the favorite choice of the people who want to get the job done outdoors. 

The professional loggers, landscapers, and homeowners always prefer to buy chainsaws and the sharpeners of Oregon. 

Oregon chainsaw sharpeners are not brand-specific but can be used with different models of chainsaws and other products. 

In 1947, the Oregon Saw Chain Manufacturing Corporation was established and had only one product with just a few employees. But today, it produces thousands of products in the market and is a part of Blount Inc.

Top Picks – Oregon Chainsaw Sharpener Best Models

Best Oregon Chainsaw Sharpeners 2021Price
Oregon 410-210 Chain GrinderView on Amazon
Oregon 520-120 Bench Mount Chain GrinderView on Amazon
Oregon 620-120 Bench GrinderView on Amazon
Oregon 310-120 Chain GrinderView on Amazon
Oregon Chainsaw Field Sharpening kitView on Amazon
Oregon 575214 Sure SharpView on Amazon
Oregon 30846 12 Volt Sure SharpView on Amazon

How to sharpen chainsaw chain with Oregon electric sharpener

Over time with usage, cutting equipment becomes dull, which is the same with a chainsaw. The full chisel chains become dull quickly as compared to others. 

Also, the chains become dull due to cutting of dirty wood or coming across nails whilst sawing. 

But there is nothing to worry about as chainsaw chains can be sharpened at home itself with the use of chainsaw sharpeners, and one such product is the Oregon chainsaw sharpener. 

Mentioned below is how a chainsaw can be sharpened with the help of an Oregon electric sharpener.

Before we begin to learn about the sharpening process, it is essential to know the chainsaw chain’s workings. 

There are two steps in the cutting process by a chainsaw chain. In the first step, a guide link is in use which runs along the wood surface. Due to this, the shaving depth for the cutting link is set. 

The cutting link has the top part and is called the top plate, which slides along the wood. This occurs after the guide link, and thus, a slice of wood is shaved off. 

This process is repeated, and as the chain moves, more pieces of wood are cut by the link behind each other.

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Sharpening of the chainsaw chain by Oregon sharpener is done in two steps. In the first step, the sharpening of the cutting edge is done in which the material from the cutting link is removed.

In the second step, the correct cutting depth is established by adjusting the height of the cutting link as compared to the guide link.

Sharpening the cutting links

The first thing to do in this step is to look for the round ground’s size, which is generally written on the chain packet.

If it is not mentioned, then it would be the size of the cylinder rat-tail file, which is slid into the cutting link. You need to find the correct size and, for this test, a few files.

Now, you have to find the sharpening angle written on the chain packaging or the saw. In most of the chains, 30 degrees is mentioned. After selecting the correct size file, you have to mount it in the guide.

In Oregon electric sharpeners, it should be ensured that the machine is mounted with the correct diameter sharpening stone.

The grinder is to be held across the chainsaw bar with the help of a cutting stone or file in the cutting link and then get the angle corrected by aligning the angle guide on the chainsaw bar.

The grinder is to be turned on and pressed gently into the link. This has to be done for 1-2 seconds.

It should be noted that a chainsaw chain has right and left links. Ensure that you either do sharpening all at a time or one side at a time and then the other side.

It is better to mark the link at the start of the process to not lose the place.

Filing the guide link

Once the material is removed from the cutting link, the cutting depth must be checked. The depth gauge is used in this, placed on the top of the cutting link, which sticks the depth link to the hole.

It would help if you run your finger across the guide and when you feel the link popping out of the hole, file it down flush. This makes the chain ready to cut as it is completely sharpened.

While sharpening a chainsaw chain, you remove material from the cutting link, but there is a point when no more material can be removed. This is when it cannot be sharpened further, and you need to buy a new chainsaw chain.

It is preferred to have two to three chains with you which should be used in rotation. One chain should be used for a few cutting sessions, and then the other one should be used.

It is observed that there is wearing of the chain, sprocket, and bar together while working. If one chain is only used multiple times, then there is the possibility that the sprocket can also get worn out. Thus, it is advised to rotate through 3 chains to avoid wearing out of the sprocket into any one chain.

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How to use Oregon chainsaw sharpener

In the first step, the file is kept between the cutter and the depth gauge, and the file guide is to be kept over the cutter. It should be ensured that there are two points of contact of the file guide, one should be on the top plate of the cutter, and the other should be on the depth gauge. Now, the filing angles on the file guide are to be used, which helps in filing in one direction.

In the second step, it becomes essential to recheck the depth gauges. The height of the saw chain depth gauges needs to be checked after every 3rd or 4th sharpening of the saw chain. The height is checked by putting the depth gauge tool on the saw chain, and this should be kept near the middle of the chainsaw guide bar.

If in a situation, there is an extension of the saw chain depth gauge above the slot in the depth gauge tool, then it should be filed until its level is the same as that of the tool. Till the depth gauge is round, their edge should be filed.

This is the way to use the Oregon chainsaw sharpener.

Top Pick: Oregon Chainsaw Sharpeners Models

1. Oregon 410-210 Chain Grinder

Oregon 410-210 Chain Grinder

Specifications of Oregon 410-210 chainsaw grinder are

  • Mount type – bench or wall
  • Chain pitch fit-ups – It sharpens 1/4″, 3/8″ Low profile, .325″, 3/8″ & .404″ pitch chain.
  • Wheel size – 3 wheels of 5-3/4 inch
  • Volts – 120 AC
  • Hertz – 60Hz
  • Amp – 1.2 Amperes
  • Watts – 140 W
  • RPM – 3500 RPM
  • Motor HP – 0.4 HP
  • Dimension – 15.5 x 11.8 x 8.6 inches
  • Weight – 17 Pounds
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With this model, the sharpening task becomes easy. It can be mounted on a place that suits you, like a wall or a workshop bench. This sharpener is easy to use and sharpens fast despite not being portable. 

This helps in generating less electricity bill as the electric power consumption is 140 watts and 1.2 Amperes. Thus, it is referred to as an economic tool. 

With a speed of 3500 RPM, it sharpens the chainsaw chain effectively. 

Due to the presence of a safety shield and in-built light, it is quite safe to use. The chain always remains at a central position as it has a chain vise. Thus, you do not have to make any adjustments. 

This product is considered a universal sharpener as it can sharpen up to .404-inch pitch chains and chains of any brand like Oregon, Husqvarna, Stihl, etc., can be sharpened by it.

Whenever there is a need to change the grinding wheel, the user gets to know with the help of a wear indicator.

You will get 3 grinding wheels, a contour tool, and a dressing block with this product. 

It has an instruction manual which makes it easy for the user to install the sharpener. So, even an inexperienced person can buy Oregon 410-120 chain grinder without any fear.

Reasons to Buy:

Any chainsaw can be sharpened by it.

The sharpening speed is 3500 RPM.

Durable and lightweight.

It has a rubberized handle for easy grip.


During power outages, it cannot be used.

2. Oregon 520-120 Bench Mount Chain Grinder

Those who use chainsaws regularly must have Oregon 520-120 bench mount chain grinder. It is a reliable tool and helps people to be back on track with their chainsaws.

Oregon 520-120 Bench Mount Chain Grinder

Specification of this product is

  • Mount type – bench mount
  • Chain pitch fit-ups – It sharpens 1/4″, 3/8″ Low profile, .325″, 3/8″ & .404″ pitch chain.
  • Wheel size – 3 wheels of 5-3/4 inch
  • Volts – 120 AC
  • Hertz – 60Hz
  • Amp – 4.3 Amperes
  • Watts – 300 W
  • RPM – 3400 RPM
  • Motor HP – 0.4 HP
  • Dimensions – 15.4 x 11.85 x 10.3 inches
  • Weight – 19.36 pounds
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It is a stationary device, and people working in onsite locations or who work with a wide variety of chainsaw sizes prefer to use it. 

With this tool, blades of different sizes of chains can be sharpened like blades on a .325-inch full profile chain, 1/ 4 inch to 3/8 inch low profile chain, and on a .404 inch pitch chain. 

With this grinder, the blades of your chainsaw can get back to working condition in no time. There are 3 different grinding wheels present with the sharpener, which help in bringing the cutters back into working condition. 

With the presence of built-in light, you can work perfectly and ensure that each cutter is sharpened at the same angle and sharpness. 

It makes use of a self-centering chain vise and has a grinding speed of 3400 RPM.

There are 3 grinding wheels, a wheel for depth gauge maintenance, a quick template, and a dressing brick along with the sharpener.

Reasons to Buy:

Self-centering chain vise present.

It is safe to use as a one-way motor rotation is present.

Built-in light present.


It can cause over-grinding if there is improper use of it.

3. Oregon 620-120 Bench Grinder

The performance of the Oregon 620-120 bench grinder is excellent mainly due to its design. It is a versatile chainsaw sharpener as it can be used to sharpen various chainsaw models and brands.

Oregon chainsaw sharpener 620-120 Bench Grinder

Important specification of this is

  • Mount type – bench mount
  • Chain pitch fit-ups – It sharpens 1/4″, 3/8″ Low profile, .325″, 3/8″, .404″, and 3 / 4 inch pitch chain.
  • Wheel size – 3 wheels of 5-3/4 inch
  • Volts – 120 AC
  • Hertz – 60Hz
  • Amp – 4.3 Amperes
  • Watts – 300 W
  • RPM – 3400 RPM
  • Motor HP – 0.4 HP
  • Dimensions – 17.3 x 11.6 x 12.9 inches
  • Weight – 21 pounds
check Price at amazon

This sharpener can do heavy-duty sharpening at home or for commercial purposes as it is fitted with a strong motor with 3400 RPM. The chains which can be sharpened by it are 1/4-inch and 3/8-inch low profile chains, 0.325-inch, 3/8-inch full profile chains, and .404-inch. 

Due to a large motor fan and T-shaped cooling fins, the motor keeps on working even after long hours of sharpening. There is a one-way grind operation in it which provides safety to the user during operation. The built-in light is useful while working in dim conditions. 

A hydraulic piston in this sharpener helps in compressing the chain vise, and thereby, efficiency is increased. As soon as the motor and the wheel are lowered, the chain vise closes automatically due to the hydraulic assist.

The standard vise attachment present makes it suitable to sharpen many different types of chainsaws. Also, it has a large indexing chain stop, due to which lots of chain types can be sharpened. 

It is provided with 3 grinding wheels.

The grinding with this tool occurs fast due to hands-free clamp vise, and it is capable of precise grinding due to the presence of self-centering chain vise. Also, each time sharpening is accurate as the top plate is with down angle settings.

Oregon 620-120 is durable as it is made up of high-quality cast aluminum chassis, which enables the tool to be used frequently. Using it is comfortable due to its rubberized handle, whereas parts are made up of plastic. 

Reasons to Buy:

Variable motor grind angle.

Rubberized handle.

Sharpening is accurate and precise.


Knobs not very durable as it is made up of plastic.

4. Oregon 310-120 Chain Grinder

If you want to sharpen your chainsaw, Oregon 310-120 is the best choice. It is budget-friendly and is mainly for those who have to cut wood occasionally.

Oregon 310-120 Chain Grinder

Specification of this tool is –

  • Mount type – Bench mount
  • Chain pitch fit-ups – It sharpens 1/4″, 3/8″ Low profile, .325″, 3/8″, and .404″ inch pitch chain.
  • Wheel size – 2 wheels of 4-1/8 inch
  • Volts – 115 AC
  • Hertz – 60Hz
  • Amp – 3 Amperes
  • Watts – 85 W
  • RPM – 5000 RPM
  • Motor HP – 0.11 HP
  • Dimensions – 13.2 x 10 x 6.3 inches
  • Weight – 5.79 pounds
check Price at amazon

This chainsaw sharpener is durable and lightweight due to its aluminum housing which is not present in most sharpeners. 

The instruction manual present is easy to read, even for beginners. This contains all the relevant information regarding the way to operate and assemble it. 

Many accessories are present along with the sharpener, like two grinding wheels, dressing brick, and gauge. Along with these, two motor brushes are also present, which are the spare parts and can be used for a long time. 

It is highly safe to use as it works on one-way motor operations. At the same time, it provides better control and stability due to the fixed motor angle present. 

With a two-year warranty, the user has an added advantage by using it. It is regarded as the perfect chainsaw sharpener for light-duty work. 

It is simple to use and affordable. 

Reasons to Buy:

The instruction manual is clear with simple-to-read.

It is provided with extra motor brushes.

2-year warranty.


It cannot be used for commercial use.

5. Oregon Chainsaw Field Sharpening kit

To maintain the efficiency of the chainsaw, it is important to keep it sharpened every time. Oregon chainsaw field sharpening kit is a comprehensive kit that comes in a rolled pouch.

This is a compact pouch with inner pockets and a hook and loop closure and contains various tools for quick access.

Oregon Chainsaw Field Sharpening kit

Specifications of this best value kit

  • Type – Rolled pouch
  • Model number – 617067
  • Dimension – 2 x 10.8 x 2 inches.
  • Weight – 13 ounces
check Price at amazon

Items present – 5/32 inch round saw chain file, 3/16 inch round saw chain file, 7/32 inch round saw chain file, 6-inch flat file, file guide, universal file handle, and instruction sheet.

All the tools present are of high quality, and this tool pouch is referred to as a do-it-yourself option. 

The round saw chain files present are for consistent tooth height and helps in the quick and smooth removal of metal. After using these files, the sharpness of the chainsaw remains for a longer time, and they also prevent clogging. 

The 6-inch flat file is a steel file and has an aggressive cutting design. The stay-sharp is maximum as it is heat-treated. 

Due to the presence of wooden handles, the filing of the chainsaw chain is done with ease and comfort.

The file guide present is capable of gripping and keeping the file at the correct depth. The file is aligned correctly as the gauge frame has lines on it. 

The kit is provided with a depth gauge tool that can be used for accurate and consistent settings of the depth gauge, and thus, the user is provided with optimal safety always. 

Reasons to Buy

High-quality product.

Very affordable.

It gives consistent sharpening.

It is the best value kit.

6. Oregon 575214 Sure Sharp 12V Handheld Chainsaw Chain Sharpener

Oregon handheld chainsaw chain sharpener is suitable for chainsaw users who are involved in occasional wood cutting. With this, the sharpening of the chainsaw becomes easy as it is an economical and durable tool.

Oregon 575214 Sure Sharp 12V Handheld Chainsaw Chain Sharpener

Specification is

  • Weight – 1 pound
  • Dimension – 5.6 x 10.2 x 2.5
  • Model no – 575214
  • Products included – 12 V car adapter, battery clips, 5/32″, 3/16″, 7/32″ sharpening stones, and a collet wrench.
check Price at amazon

Due to the ergonomic design and compact portability, hand-sharpening is very easy. Even if there is extended use, it gives accurate results due to its durability. It is capable of providing a rugged, economical grinding solution.

With the grinding stones present, the user can get an excellent cutting edge on the saw chain as these stones can be installed in the sharpener easily. 

The angle adjustment guide is present, which has three angle markings, and these are 25, 30, and 35. With these, the proper guiding angle can be measured. With the help of the guide shield, the positioning can be adjusted perfectly, and thus, different sizes of grinding stones can fit in it.

The grinder can be plugged easily into the auxiliary power outlet of your car with the help of an outlet power adapter.

It is essential to tighten the grinding stones into the grinder collet, and this is done with the collect wrench present in the pack.

The grinder can be powered with the help of an alternative option. This is an alligator battery clip. With this, the grinder can be attached to the car’s battery. 

Reasons to Buy:

Alligator battery clips are very useful.

Ergonomic design.

Compact and portable.


Can not be used in a garage.

7. Oregon 30846 12 Volt Sure Sharp Chain Saw Sharpener

Oregon 30846 Sure Sharp Chainsaw sharpener is compact and lightweight and can be carried easily during traveling. Due to its easy-to-use design, it is preferred by most of us.

Oregon 30846 12 Volt Sure Sharp Chain Saw Sharpener

Its specification is

  • Dimensions – 6 x 12 x 3 inches
  • Weight – 14.4 ounces
  • Model number – 30846A
  • It has 2 sharpening stones included.
check Price at amazon

This sharpener is powered by a 12 Volt battery and has a high-impact motor house. Due to this, most of the chainsaws can be sharpened by it.

Unlike other chainsaw sharpeners, it has a plastic housing, due to which, even during vigorous use, it remains cool.

The sharpening guide present can be adjusted quickly, and so the ground cutters obtained are uniform always.

The user has the convenience of selecting from 3 different chain pitch sizes.

The sharpening results are more precise as there is a built-in depth gauge.

There are two more sharpening stones provided in the package, along with the attached stone. The size of the stones is 3/16-inch, 5/32 inch, and 7/32 inch.

Reasons to Buy:

Battery operated.

Built-in depth gauge.


It works with a converter.


To hold the stone, pliers may be required.

Deteriorating of stones occurs quickly.

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