Granberg Chainsaw Sharpener Review

Granberg Chainsaw Sharpener

Chainsaws are powerful tools and can be acquired by the common people at home who like landscaping. It is also an essential tool for professionals in the logging industry. For general maintenance of the chainsaw, it is necessary to have a chainsaw sharpener.

It acts as a necessary tool to all those who own a chainsaw. With continuous use, the chains of the saw wear down, but you can have effortless and clean cuts every time you use the chainsaw if you give regular attention to it. The engine of the chainsaw can work harder for years with this care.

Granberg Chainsaw Sharpener Models

Best Granberg Chainsaw Sharpener 2021Price
Granberg G1012XT Precision Grinder 12 VoltsView on Amazon
Granberg Bar-Mount Chain Saw Sharpener, G-106BView on Amazon

About the Granberg Brand

The history of the Granberg Company is related to the forests of the Pacific Northwest in the year 1954, where Elof Granberg was working.

At that time, traditional freehand chainsaw sharpening was used, and he found it inaccurate and time-consuming. He invented the File-n-Joint chainsaw sharpener, which was a simple handheld type. This sharpener can be attached to the guide bar of the saw.

With the invention of this tool, the sharpening of the chainsaw chains became easier and quicker.

Elof Granberg soon opened a bar-mounted chainsaw mill known as ‘Alaskan,’ and its sharpeners are recognized worldwide today.

Granberg sharpeners are the leaders in the world, and people prefer them as they are accurate, affordable, and well-designed. 

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How to sharpen a chainsaw With the Granberg File-n-Joint

A lot of chainsaw chains can be sharpened with the Granberg File-n-Joint sharpener. It has various adjustments so that a 3/8 inches chain or any other chain can be sharpened by it. If you wish to switch to a different gauge of chain, you need to insert a new file into the holder. The files can be swapped out or rotated by the presence of two thumbscrews present.

This sharpener has to be mounted on the bar of the chainsaw, and the sharpening of the chain occurs on the saw. During this procedure, it is essential to support the chainsaw, and it can be done on the workbench or wood. But if it is not available, a stump vise can be used.

Granberg G-106B is a File-n-Joint sharpener that uses a thumbscrew to attach to the bar on the chainsaw, and this thumbscrew is present at the back of the tool.

On the front side, two clamps are present, which hold the chain just above the rivets. The sharpener has to be fastened onto the bar, and for this, the front clamps have to be lined up with the rivets on the chain, and then the two Allen screws have to be tightened.

By doing so, the height of the jig can be adjusted. Now the jig base has to be lined parallel to the top of the bar, and after this, the back thumbscrew has to be tightened.

The front screws need to be loosened enough so that the chain moves through the front clamps as the process advances.

The File-n-Joint sharpener has to be in the proper orientation during the start of the sharpening process, so some adjustments must be made. These are –

Adjusting the sharpening angle

The top of the sharpener has a wingnut that has to be loosened so that the arrow on the top of the tool gets lined up to the sharpening angle.

This contains detents, and thus, after every 5 degrees, the adjustments land. The angle can be swung 35 degrees on each side of the zero marks, and when the correct angle is achieved, the wingnut is to be tightened. 

Adjusting the height

Once you can adjust the right angle, you need to set the file in the nearest gullet on the chain.

In this, 20% of the file should be above the tooth plate, so the dial on the back of the sharpener has to be rotated. This will help to either lower or raise the file depending on the situation.

With this movement, the correct angle will be adjusted for the cut on the tooth’s front.

Adjusting the depth of cut

For registering the back of the chain tooth, a small metal pawl is present. This pawl needs to be dropped behind the tooth, and until it is achieved, the chain has to be moved, and then it needs to be backed up until the pawl stops. Due to this, a repeatable surface is provided to reference the cut.

A round-headed bolt is present inside the tilt angle wingnut. By adjusting this bolt, the depth of the cut can be set, and the bolt is moved until the file is pushed away from the chain tooth edge. In this way, the sharpener is ready to sharpen the first tooth.

Chainsaw maintenance

If you are an owner of a chainsaw, you must know about the necessity of regular maintenance. They do require regular care as they are simple machines. It is essential to regularly oil the bar in all the chainsaws and should be sharpened as and when needed.

If this care is not provided to the chainsaw, the chains can be dangerous during work. It can cause binding in the cut or hanging up, due to which it can slip free from the bar.

The cuts will be inefficient with a dull chain, and it can cause spinning against the wood. In this situation, when the chain gets heated, it can be clogged up by the sap from the tree.

Also, there will be more pressure on the chainsaw’s motor, causing more wear and tear. The user will become more fatigued, and the chances of injury will increase.

Basics of Chainsaw Sharpening

The sharpening of the chainsaw is associated with a basic rule: to sharpen it every 2 hours of cutting or when you fill your tank. Another indication of chains becoming dull and requiring sharpening is when the chips become smaller and finer in appearance.

During sharpening the chainsaw, a particular procedure should be followed. The right and left cutters should be sharpened at a 25-to-35-degree angle, and 2-3 strong forward strokes of the file have to be given.  It should be kept at a proper height, and for this depth, the gauge should be checked.

A depth gauge filing guide would be useful in this. It is comparatively easy to sharpen with an electric sharpener as it requires less physical effort.  

Sharpening Process

The process starts with setting the chain brake on the chainsaw. First, the master tooth has to be marked, and the chain brake has to be released.

Now, you need to advance the chain till there is a dropping of the reference pawl behind the next tooth with the same orientation. This indicates the second cutting tool.

This process has to be repeated till the marked tooth is again under the sharpener, and this shows that half of the chain has been sharpened.

Now, the angle to the other side of the chain has to be adjusted, and the tilt angle is required to be set at zero.

The chain brake needs to be unlocked to advance one tooth of the chain. The depth setting and the height of the file should be adjusted so that it matches with the previous setting.

You need to repeat the filing until the entire chain has been sharpened.

With the Granberg File-n-Joint sharpener, the chainsaw can be sharpened accurately and quickly. It is fast to set up the sharpener, and it can be adjusted to different angles according to the chainsaw chain.

Filing is also efficient and simple. With the help of the detents, the repeatable angles can be set easily.

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Granberg Chainsaw Sharpener Review

1. Granberg G1012XT Precision Grinder 12 Volts

All types of chains like ripping, crosscut, and skip tooth chain can be sharpened by Granberg Precision Grinder sharpener.

Granberg G1012XT Precision Grinder 12 Volts

Check Price on Amazon

With this tool, the chainsaw bar can be mounted easily. Also, the angle, tooth length, and file height can be adjusted accurately to get a precise cut.

With the help of this sharpener, the depth of the gauges can be lowered accurately and easily. Below is the Granberg Precision Grinder Chainsaw Sharpener review. 

It is a versatile sharpener that takes less time in sharpening the chainsaw chains. It is made up of cast aluminum, molded polycarbonate, and zinc-plated steel.

It can hold stones of all sizes like 5/32-inch, 3/16 inch, and 7/32 inch. The motor has a speed of 24000 RPM, and for smooth functioning of this motor, 12 volts is required.

It is a lightweight grinder and is user-friendly. It has calibrated swivel guide markings which, when applied, helps in holding and adjusting the correct sharpening angle. 

Due to the presence of integrated features, the user can set the file height and tooth length with ease. 

Reasons to Buy:

  • Durable.
  • Affordable.
  • Sharpens the chainsaw chain fast.


  • Lightweight can be an issue sometimes.

2. Granberg Bar-Mount Chain Saw Sharpener, G-106B

Granberg Bar-Mount Chain Saw Sharpener, G-106B

Check Price On Amazon

Granberg Bar-Mounted Chainsaw Sharpener G-106B is the best sharpener in the market and was designed more than 50 years ago. It helps in sharpening the cutter and can also be used to measure depth gauge.

It gets attached to the guide bar of the chainsaw. And without removing the entire chain, you can sharpen the teeth of the chainsaw. Thus, less time is required to sharpen, replace, remove, and adjust the chain. 

One of the unique features of this sharpener is that it does not require electricity to work. It is lightweight and weighs 2.0lbs. Due to its small dimensions, it can be transported to any place easily.

Granberg Bar-Mount Chain Saw Sharpener

Since it is built from pressed aluminum, it is a sturdy device, and there is no risk of rusting. All the connections have wingnuts or thumbscrews, and so there is no need for any screwdrivers. It is easy to grasp the file handle, and it is well-balanced.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Small and lightweight.
  • No parts are made of plastic.
  • Provides consistent results with smooth operation.
  • A power source is not required.


  • Inexperienced operators may find it difficult to use.

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