What Do I Need from a Chainsaw Sharpening Tool?

Some features should be considered while selecting the chainsaw sharpening tool. These features help in your requirements related to the sharpening of the chainsaw.

Pitch – The distance between the chain links is called the pitch. This distance is measured in inches and is provided from the smallest to the largest. There are five pitches available in different chainsaw chains and these are 1/ 4 inch, .325 inch, heavy-duty, full-profile or low-profile 3 / 8 inch, and .404 inch.

chain pitch

The low-profile 3/8-inch pitch is the most common pitch type and is present in most universal sharpening tools. You can know the pitch of your chainsaw by looking for the marking on the frame.  

Digital readouts – The chainsaw sharpening tool with digital readouts can provide the best professional finish to your chainsaw. With this tool, the user can get in the correct pitch for the cutting links. The cutting angle can be selected which would match your chainsaw. With the help of the digital readouts, the sharpening of the chains can be obtained, and this sharpening is accurate.

Grinding wheel – One of the major necessities of the machine for sharpening the teeth of the chainsaw is the grinding wheel. These wheels are of different sizes and grits, which makes them suitable for all the chainsaw models. These wheels are durable and pocket-friendly. Before starting the sharpening process, you should ensure that the grinding wheel taken is for the correct pitch.

grinding wheel

Dressing stones – During the sharpening process, the formation of debris on the grinding wheel is prevented with the help of the dressing stone. The chainsaw will have an improper finish if debris gets deposited into the chainsaw and its teeth. This can result in its malfunction as well. Thus, the dressing stone is an important part of the machine. 

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Handles and grips – The handle and grip must be taken into account while buying an electric chainsaw sharpener. There should be an ergonomic design of the handle so that while operating, the device makes reduced vibrations. 

Manual or hydraulic assist – The hydraulic assist is present in some of the latest models of chainsaw sharpener. With the help of this feature, the chain is locked in place when the grinding head is lowered.

The automated operation can be present in some chainsaw sharpening tools. In such machines, you have to feed the chain into the machine and select the settings, and the rest is done by the tool itself. These sharpening tools are fast and are capable of doing an accurate sharpening process.

Built-In Lights – The built-in LED lights may be present in some models. This feature helps the user work even in low-light conditions, and thus, no hindrance is observed by the grinding and sharpening tasks. The accidents in the workshop are reduced with these bright LED lights, and thereby, the user’s safety is enhanced.

Grinding Wheel Gauges – A tiny metal or plastic bar is present to check the width of the grinding wheel, which is known as a grinding wheel gauge. This feature helps the user to understand whether the grinding head used for the saw chain is correct. The finish of the chainsaw will not be accurate if the grinding wheel size is wrong. Also, due to this, the chainsaw will soon become dull. 

Adjustable chain vise – The electric chainsaw needs to be stabilized during the cutting process, and for this, a vise is provided, which can be adjusted. The vise present in the model should provide a wide range of motion for the proper functioning of the tool.

firm vise

Material design – The bodies of most of the benchtop chainsaw sharpeners are made of steel or cast. This material provides extra weight to the device, due to which, during the sharpening process, the tool gets more stability.

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  2. It is sure that chainsaw should be sharpened with care and there are some features which should be considered before selecting the best tool for your chainsaw. The information on this is given nicely in this post. I am sure with these guidelines nobody will fail in selecting the correct sharpening tool for your chainsaw.

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  5. While selecting a sharpening tool for the chainsaw, you must be extra careful. If the suitable tool is not selected, the chainsaw will not be sharpened completely. The points mentioned here for selecting the tool are very good and one can get good results when these are kept in mind.

  6. I totally agree on the point mentioned in this post that a chainsaw sharpener should have a in-built light. With this, the work of sharpening the tool can be done in the dim light as well. Also, the LED light present in it will help in reduction of accidents suffered by the people in the workshop. Apart from this, all the information mentioned here is very correct.

  7. It is essential that the electric sharpener should have ergonomic handle and grips. This will help in holding the sharpener easily while sharpening. If the handle is not correct, you may get hurt in the sharpening process and the sharpening will not occur perfectly. I got to learn this from this page which seems to be very helpful for me.

  8. For sharpening a chainsaw at home, you will need a sharpener and the specifications of a good sharpener are mentioned in this page. It is worth to read this in detail so that you get an idea about the features. This will help you to sharpen your chainsaw as and when required.


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