Best Chainsaw Sharpener – Best Choices Reviewed With Buying Guide

Like any other gardening tool, a chainsaw also needs maintenance; if it is not done, it leads to malfunction. You can recognize whether your chainsaw blades are dull when they don’t cut straight.

At this point, you require a sharpening tool so that the working edge on the blades is restored. The maintenance of a chainsaw can be done at home itself with the help of a right chainsaw sharpening tool.

best chainsaw sharpener

For sharpening the blades of a chainsaw, you do not need to send it every time to the service center. One can do it by making use of a chainsaw blade sharpener. 

In the market, various kinds of chainsaw sharpening tools are available, and, in this article, we will look at some of the best chainsaw sharpeners. 

When you select the best chainsaw sharpening tool, you get excellent results, and you can save money and time.

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Top 12 Best Chainsaw Sharpeners in 2021

STIHL 2 In 1 Easy File Chainsaw Chain SharpenerView on Amazon
Oregon 620-120 Bench GrindersView on Amazon
Oregon 310-120 Chain GrinderView on Amazon
Granberg Bar-Mount Chainsaw Sharpener Model G-106BView on Amazon
Legendary-Yes Electric Grinder Chainsaw Bench SharpenerView on Amazon
Oregon 410-120 Chain GrinderView on Amazon
Husqvarna 653000035 SharpForce Chain Sharpener 3/16”View on Amazon
Buffalo Tools ECSS Electric Chainsaw SharpenerView on Amazon
Chainsaw Sharpener, Professional Electric Multi-AnglesView on Amazon
Laser 47994 Tecomec Jolly Evo Pro Bench MountView on Amazon
Oregon 541662 PowerSharpView on Amazon
MIZOOVA 10 Piece Chainsaw Sharpener File KitView on Amazon

Type of chainsaw sharpeners

There are three different types of chainsaw sharpeners in the market: handheld files, electric chainsaw sharpeners, and bar-mounted chainsaw sharpeners.

1. Handheld File Chainsaw Sharpener

This is the most basic type of sharpener and is very common as well. It is a simple file that can sharpen the chainsaw. It comes in different diameters suitable for different sizes of chains. It is easy to use as the sharpener has only to run over the tips of the chain.

Best Handheld File Chainsaw SharpenerPrice
STIHL 2 in 1 Easy File Chainsaw Chain Sharpener 3/8View on Amazon
Husqvarna Sharpforce Chain SharpenerView on Amazon
Oregon Chainsaw Field Sharpening KitView on Amazon

2. Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

This is known to be the most precise and fastest sharpener. As compared to the other sharpeners, it is preferred by most professionals. It is easy to use, and no muscle power is required while sharpening the chainsaw.

Best Electric Chainsaw SharpenerPrice
Oregon 410-120 Chain GrinderView on Amazon
Oregon 520-120 Bench Mount Chain GrinderView on Amazon
Chicago Electric Electric Chain Saw SharpenerView on Amazon

3. Bar mounted Sharpener

A flat and stable platform is required, like a table or a workbench in this sharpener. It has knobs that need to be adjusted while sharpening. Also, the filing angle and depth have to be adjusted according to the chainsaw. The sharpening done by this is precise and is better than handheld sharpeners.

Best Bar mounted SharpenerPrice
Granberg Bar-Mount Chain Saw SharpenerView on Amazon
Oregon 23820 Sure SharpView on Amazon
Granberg G1012XT PRECISION GRINDER (12V)View on Amazon
Tecomec Deluxe Chainsaw Sharpening File Guide Bar MountView on Amazon

Why Use a Chainsaw Sharpener?

There are many reasons to buy a chainsaw sharpener and use it to sharpen the chainsaw. These are: –

1. As the chainsaw becomes dull, the motor also gets worn out as it has worked hard all through time. Due to this, there will be more consumption of fuel by the chainsaw. Thus, to reduce fuel consumption, it is essential to sharpen the chainsaw.

2. The wear and tear of a sharp chainsaw are much less as compared to a dull chainsaw. Thus, for cutting the wood, the motor has to work hard. If the chainsaw is sharpened regularly, it will work for a long time and you will not have to buy a new expensive chainsaw. The sharpened chainsaw will require less maintenance as well.

3. While using a blunt chainsaw, the user may get an injury or the property may get damaged. While cutting dense materials, a blunt chainsaw can slip out of control. These can be prevented if the chainsaw is sharpened. Thus, we can expect increased safety with a properly sharpened chainsaw.

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How does a Chainsaw sharpener work?

Talking about the effectiveness of chainsaw chain sharpeners, it is found that all of the chainsaw sharpeners available are good. But an electric chainsaw sharpener is better as compared to the manual chainsaw sharpener. It increases the longevity of the blade life and is more accurate.

In a manual sharpener, the correct angle to file the cutters is known with a guide provided. Then the file is moved across the guide, which helps in sharpening the cutters.

The working of an electric chainsaw sharpener is different as two different types of sharpeners are available – bench sharpener and handheld sharpener.

The bench sharpener is stationary out of these two, and you have control while sharpening the cutters. Then the motor is turned on, and the cutters of the chainsaw are sharpened.

The working of a bench chainsaw sharpener is an easy task, but you should ensure that the cutters are not filed too low. This can damage the chain, or its operation will become dangerous.

On the other hand, a handheld chainsaw sharpener has a spinning disc that files the cutters of the chainsaw. The accurate angle is achieved with the help of a guide.

While using a handheld chainsaw sharpener, it is important to pay proper concentration and ensure that the wrong angle is not used. If the cutters are filed down at the wrong angle, then the accuracy and capability of the chainsaw will be disrupted.

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What is the best way to sharpen a chainsaw?

When a chainsaw becomes dull, it does not work effectively, so it is good to sharpen it rather than buy a new one. Sharpening a chainsaw can be an easy and exciting task if you learn to use it. Below are the steps to sharpen a chainsaw-

  • Select a suitable sharpener – Try to find out the sharpener that would be best suitable for your chainsaw. Also, the shape of the file and the file guide need to be checked.
  • Find the file of the right size – Most of the chainsaws are provided with a user manual in which the file, right guide, and stone size for sharpening the chainsaw is mentioned. The file size of 5/32, 7/32, or 3/16 is required by most of the chainsaws.
  • Start the process at a particular link – It is essential to know the start and finish point of the sharpening process. It should be done to avoid over-sharpening at the same point. Thus, it would help if you started sharpening at a particular link, like from different colors or where no teeth are present, or you may mark the starting point.
  • Make use of correct motion – This step is essential for handheld files as even firm motions are required. The file and blade must be aligned at the same angle and then apply even pressure while moving. The sharpening of the electric chainsaw occurs in a pattern.
  • Ensure the outward stroke is done away from the body. With a chainsaw file at 30 – 35 degrees to the bar, it should be done.
  • Rinse and repeat the process – The sharpener and the chain should be appropriately rinsed after the sharpening of the chain has been done completely. This will make sure the metal fillings are removed. After this, the chain should be inspected carefully for sharpness. The process can be repeated if the sharpening is not done correctly.

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What are the Mounting Options for Chainsaw Sharpeners?

There are different setups in the chainsaw sharpeners and while selecting the best chainsaw sharpener, you can choose the setup of your choice. The most common setups for chainsaw sharpening tools are mentioned below:

1. Bench Mounted – In this case, the sharpener is mounted to the workbench. This provides the user with a stable and firm base. 

2. Wall-mounted – This is another mounting option of a chainsaw sharpener in which the tool is mounted to a wall bracket. This helps adjust the working height. 

3. Vise Mounted – In this case, the chainsaw sharpener is mounted into the vise. In such kinds of chainsaw sharpeners, the user gets a firm grip while using the machine. 

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When does the chain need to be sharpened?

If you have a chainsaw, you must have a question as to when to sharpen the chainsaw? Well, this question has no fixed answer. The sharpening of the chainsaw depends on your working method, the model of chainsaw and chain, and the wood that is sawn. There are some signs which indicate the need for sharpening the chainsaw. These are indicated below – 

  • Jumping of the chainsaw – If the chainsaw jumps while sawing and the user cannot put it on the woods correctly, it lacks sharpness and requires sharpening.  
  • Only one direction cutting – If the chainsaw can cut the woods only in one direction, it indicates that the other side’s teeth are blunt and need to be sharpened.
  • During the cutting process, if you have to put a lot of pressure, it indicates that the chainsaw is not sharp enough. 
  • Sawdust instead of wood pieces – You need to sharpen the chainsaw if fine sawdust falls instead of coarse pieces of wood during the cutting process.
  • Even if the chain tension is correct and the carburetor is adjusted perfectly in the chainsaw during the cutting process, you get to see the smoke, and it means the chainsaw has become dull and needs sharpening.

How much does a chainsaw sharpener cost?

The price of an electric sharpener is different from that of a manual chainsaw sharpener. There are many manual and electric sharpeners available in the market, and out of these, manual sharpeners are less expensive than electric ones. 

The cost of a manual sharpener is approximately $15. A professional electric chainsaw can be for $300 or even more, so sharpening tools for this should be of high quality and range between $40 to $100. With the help of a good sharpening tool, the life of the chainsaw chain increases.  

What is the best degree to sharpen a chainsaw chain?

A standard chainsaw chain is used for crosscutting wood. When it gets dull, it should be sharpened at 25 to 35 degrees. The chain needs to be sharpened to 10 degrees if you want to rip with the grain. 

The chainsaw manufacturer mentions the chain’s specifications, which also indicates the best degree to sharpen it. The user should go through it thoroughly. This will help him use the chain correctly, and the task of woodcutting would be done quickly and efficiently. Also, with proper usage, the chainsaw will be safe to use.

Top 12 Best Chainsaw Sharpeners

1. STIHL 2 In 1 Easy File Chainsaw Chain Sharpener

STIHL 2 In 1 Easy File Chainsaw Chain Sharpener

As a top brand of tools and equipment, the Stihl chainsaw chain sharpener is one of the best sharpening tools in the market. It has a dual function as it sharpens the chain saw blades and can also lower the depth of the chainsaw gauge. With this, the chains can be sharpened easily.

There are two round files, one flat file, a file holder, and a filing guide.

With the help of this chainsaw sharpener, the sharpening process becomes neat and quick. The chain sharpened by it looks like new with just a few strokes. Since it does the work quickly, the user saves a lot of time.

It is a user-friendly tool as there are markings on it that help you know how to use it properly. It has different versions, and each of them is suitable for particular sizes of chains.

It is portable and lightweight.

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Reasons to Buy:

·  It is not very expensive.

·  It is durable as the filling guide is made up of steel.

·  Attachment to the guide bar is easy.

check price at amaon

2. Oregon 620-120 Bench Grinders

Oregon 620-120 Bench Grinders chainsaw sharpener

Oregon 620-120 is the best choice for a chainsaw sharpener capable of delivering accuracy and precision on all the pitches of the chain. 

It has hydraulic assistance, due to which vice clamping is hand-free and automatic.

It can grind all chains up to 3-4 inches, and thus, the user does not face any problem in sharpening the chainsaw. 

Due to a wide clamping area ABD clear markings, the adjustments can be easily made.

Since it weighs 21 lbs only with a height of 2 inches, it can be handled with ease. This chainsaw sharpener has three grinding wheels and a low profile and pitch chain, a dressing brick for sharpening, and a quick template.

It has a 120 V HP motor which is very powerful and is of a single phase.

Reasons to Buy:

·  It is capable of sharpening many chain pitch profiles.

·  Due to a hands-free vice, its operation is safer and faster.

·  The down angle and plate can be adjusted.

·  It is present with a customizable vice for handle position.

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·  Leakage of the hydraulic fluid can occur if it is not appropriately adjusted.

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3. Oregon 310-120 Chain Grinder

Oregon 310-120 Chain Grinder chainsaw sharpener

One of the most popular brands of chainsaws is Oregon, and it makes chainsaw sharpeners as well. Oregon 310-120 chain grinder is a bench-mounted mini grinder and has a compact design. Due to its features, it is a good alternative for a full-size chainsaw chain sharpener. 

It requires less space for storage and can be used effectively for smaller volumes of the chain.

This sharpener is helpful for a garage or workshop as well. It has two bolts, due to which it can mount easily to a bench. It acts as a universal sharpener as it can sharpen up to .404 inches pitch chain. This product can sharpen all the chains from famous brands like Stihl, Milwaukee, Husqvarna, etc. 

There is one-way motor rotation included in this, due to which it has good operator safety. There is a manual chain clamping vice included with it.

The package contains a grinder, operator instructions, a dressing brick and profile guide, and two grinding wheels of 3.2mm and 4.7mm.

With the help of a grinding wheel, the cutters are prevented from burning, and the saw chain gets a precision finish.

Reasons to Buy:

·  It is capable of sharpening safely due to its one-way motor.

·  The grinding speed is 5000 RPM which causes quick sharpening.

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4. Granberg Bar-Mount Chainsaw Sharpener Model G-106B

Granberg Bar-Mount Chainsaw Sharpener

The Granberg chainsaw sharpener is easy to use, and due to its size and capabilities, it can be used for milling large timber. It is suitable for personal use as well as for professional contractors. It weighs 14.4 ounces and has a measurement of 12.5 x 7 x 1.5 inches.

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Since it can be mounted to any saw of any file size, it can sharpen any chain quickly and easily. 

As a multi-compatibility tool, it can hold all sizes of files for standard chain pitches. 

It is highly durable and has features due to which the user can set the height of the file and the length of the tooth. 

Since it is made of durable cast aluminum and zinc-plated steel, it is more durable and can last for many years. It works as a file holder as well. 

Reasons to Buy:

·      It is easy to mount and set up and is lightweight.

·      It sharpens the chainsaw easily.

·      It works as a file holder as well.

·      Suitable to any chain size.


·  It requires setting the angle precisely.

·  Beginners require learning to use this sharpener.

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5. Legendary-Yes Electric Grinder Chainsaw Bench Sharpener Vise Mount W/Grind Chainsaw Wheel

Legendary-Yes Electric Grinder Chainsaw Bench Sharpener

Legendary-Yes chainsaw bench sharpener is an electric chain saw sharpener that sharpens the chainsaw conveniently and mounts to a wall, bench, or vise. 

It has a grinding speed of 4000 RPM, due to which it is quick, powerful, and safe. There is a large side safety guard and chain rotation rollers to advance the link included.

It can adjust to all chain designs and pitches. There is no setup time in it as the chain rotation rollers can advance links. 

The chain is kept in reasonable condition as this product has precision angle adjustment.

The height and scale positioning can be adjusted in it. There is a grinding wheel of 1/4″ x 1/8″ included with the sharpener. 

Due to this effective chainsaw sharpener, the life span and cutting power of the chainsaw are improved.

Reasons to Buy:

·  Precise angle adjustment is possible.

·  It is safe to use due to the presence of a large side guard.


·      Sometimes, mounting is difficult.

check price at amaon

6. Oregon 410-120 Chain Grinder

Oregon 410-120 Chain Grinder chainsaw sharpener

Oregon 410-120 chain grinder is designed to mount on a workshop bench or a wall. It is capable of making the task of sharpening easy for you. 

It is a versatile and high-quality sharpener that can be used for many years. It has a 3500 RPM motor which makes it very powerful. The grinder present in it has good controls, due to which the sharpening of the chainsaw can be done precisely and seamlessly.

With its self-centering chain vise feature, the chainsaw’s teeth can be aligned perfectly with the grinder’s mechanism. 

Due to its sturdy design, its build quality is good. It is durable as high-quality aluminum is used in it and has excellent geometry, due to which its use is easy.

Since it is lightweight, the user does not get tired even if the chainsaw is sharpened for a more extended period. It can be controlled with ease due to the presence of a rubberized handle.

Reasons to Buy:

·  It can sharpen many models of the chainsaw.

·  Powerful motor.

·  Even beginners can operate it efficiently.

·  It is easy to install and assemble.

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7. Husqvarna 653000035 SharpForce Chain Sharpener 3/16”

Husqvarna 653000035 SharpForce Chain Sharpener 3/16”

Husqvarna 653000035 chain sharpener is a portable tool that helps you to save money and time. It has a dual-action as it is used as a cutting tool as well as a depth gauge. 

This sharpener is suitable for all chainsaws of any size and of any brand. It has a durable design with good service life. You can comfortably carry it to any place as it is lightweight. It is mainly used for filing 3/16 inch chains, but there are four other sizes of this sharpener.

It is very famous among professional users as the results provided by it are excellent. The file present in it makes your chainsaw with accurate sharpness. 

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Reasons to Buy:

·  Durable design.

·  Portable and lightweight.

·  Pocket-friendly tool.


·  The instructions provided are difficult to understand.

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8. Buffalo Tools ECSS Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

Buffalo Tools ECSS Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

Buffalo chainsaw sharpener is a powerful product and is pocket-friendly as well. Due to the powerful 4200 RPM motor, the sharpening of the chainsaw occurs with speed and power. 

With this sharpener, many chainsaws of different types can be sharpened easily. It is convenient to use as it can be mounted on walls and workbenches easily. There is no need for any special power connection for its setup. The motor in it is 85 watts, so it must plug in a 120-volt power socket. 

It is a lightweight device which helps in easy positioning of it and therefore, precise sharpening can be expected. 

Due to its compact design, large storage is not required. There is a knob fitted in it, due to which its angle can be adjusted according to different chain designs. 

There is a 1/4-Inch x 1/8-Inch grinding wheel and a 7/8-inch arbor present with the product.

Reasons to Buy:

·  Lightweight and compact.

·  It is easy to use.

·  It is designed to fit various chain designs.

·  This sharpener can be mounted on a wall, bench, or vise.


·  It contains many plastic parts which are not durable.

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9. Chainsaw Sharpener, Professional Electric Multi-Angles Automatic Saw Chain Blade Grinder Sharpener Machine

Professional Electric Multi-Angles Automatic Saw Chain Blade Grinder Sharpener Machine

This versatile electric chain saw sharpener that can sharpen the chainsaws quickly, effortlessly, and preciously.

It should be mounted on a wall or a workbench to get the best results while sharpening the saw chain.

The chain grinding angle can be adjusted between 0 degrees to 30 degrees, and it is possible to adjust the motor between 0 degrees to 70 degrees. Thus, different chainsaws can be sharpened by this.

It can be operated easily and is accurate as it has a built-in work light. There is no chance of splashing iron filings as the chain cutter is extra thick and has an aluminum casing. 

There are two durable grinding wheels, one 1/8 inch thick and another 3/16 inch thick.

Due to solid cast aluminum construction and hinges, it is highly durable and provides outstanding performance.

The motor present in it works without making any noise and is smooth as well. 

Reasons to Buy:

·  Durable and lightweight.

·  It has a built-in work light.

·  User-friendly.


·  The instruction manual is not very clear.

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10. Laser 47994 Tecomec Jolly Evo Pro Bench Mount Chain Grinder 120V

Laser 47994 Tecomec Jolly Evo Pro Bench Mount Chain Grinder 120V

Laser 47994 Tecomec chain grinder is a professional grinder that can sharpen all types of saw chains from 1/4″ to .404 pitch. Due to the presence of self-centering vise, it is capable of sharpening right and left-hand cutters evenly.

This chain grinder can sharpen both semi-chisel and chisel style cutters due to the presence of sliding vise.

This chain grinder has an LED work light which makes the work even easier. 

There are three grinding wheels present in it, along with a dressing brick and a profile template.

Along with these all, an extra 3 / 4-inch pitch vise assembly is present.

Reasons to Buy:

·      Easy to use.

·      Pocket-friendly.

·      It can be used to sharpen all types of saw chains.


·  The self-centering chain vise is inconsistent.

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11. Oregon 541662 PowerSharp Bar-Mount Chainsaw Chain Sharpening Kit for Saw Chain

Oregon 541662 PowerSharp Bar-Mount Chainsaw Chain Sharpening Kit for Saw Chai

Oregon PowerSharp sharpening kit is easy to use and helps in the precision sharpening of the chainsaw. With this kit, even while the chain is still on the saw, the user can sharpen it.  

With its easy-to-use attachment, the sharpening of the chainsaw can be done within seconds.

It is portable, durable, highly visible, and lightweight. With this sharpener, the recommended electric saw sizes are 12 to 15 amps or 1300 to 1800 watts.

It has a unique top-sharpening cutter that contacts the stone as the chain moves through the bar-mount sharpener.

The dresser link is diamond coated, which helps resurface the stone, so there is flat cutter to stone contact.

If your chain gets dull, all you need is to attach the bar-mount sharpener to the PowerSharp guide bar. The alignment becomes perfect due to the presence of twin guide holes at the top of the bar. 

The tip of the sharpener has to be pressed to a solid surface for just 3-5 seconds to sharpen the saw chain.

With this sharpener, your chainsaw can become sharp again. 

Reasons to Buy:

·  Sharpen the chainsaw quickly and easily.

·  Portable.

·  Lightweight.


·  While operating, it makes noise.

check price at amaon

12. MIZOOVA 10 Piece Chainsaw Sharpener File Kit

MIZOOVA 10 Piece Chainsaw Sharpener File Kit

Mizoova chainsaw sharpener file kit has ten pieces with great features. With this, the sharpening of chainsaws seems effortless. It is easy to use even by beginners.

In this, 3 round files are present of different sizes, and these can be used on different types of chains and pitches. 

The file guide present has a quick lock capable of releasing the mechanism quickly, due to which the user finds the sharpening process hassle-free. 

Due to the presence of engraved angles, the alignment can be done while filing. Thus, it can be used with different sizes of chains.

There is a file holder with a check gauge as well. With the presence of a bar groove cleaner, you can even clean the chainsaw easily. Thus, it can be said that this kit contains everything that is required for sharpening a chainsaw.

Reasons to Buy:

·  It is easy to use.

·  Engraved angles present.

·  It comes with a file guide.

·  3 round files of different sizes are present.


·  It may not fit chainsaws properly.

check price at amaon

Best Chainsaw Sharpeners – Buyer’s Guide

All chainsaw sharpeners may look the same for an ordinary person, but actually, they are different. For selecting the most suitable chainsaw sharpener for yourself, you should go through the buyer’s guide mentioned below –

Material of the sharpener

While purchasing the chainsaw sharpener, the material of the sharpener should be considered. You should be ensured that it is made up of high-quality, which will make it durable. A heavy-duty metal construction should be present in an ideal chainsaw sharpener.


If a sharpener is powerful, it will sharpen the chainsaw with more efficiency. At the same time, it should be noted that a powerful sharpener would be expensive. It is also essential to consider the RPM of the motor as the chainsaw sharpener with higher RPM will sharpen the chains faster.

Size of the chain

Depending on the size of the chain, the chainsaw sharpener has to be selected. It should be known that almost all the chain sizes are compatible with modern electric sharpeners.


It is a common belief among people that the more expensive a tool is, the better results it would give. But in some cases, the opposite of this happens. It is observed that even some of the cheaper chainsaw sharpeners are efficient in sharpening the chainsaw.


While selecting a chainsaw, the experience of the user holds an important role. You must buy that chainsaw sharpener with which you have some experience of operating. Due to this, efficiency is more, and chances of injuries are less.

Frequency of use

If the use of chainsaw sharpeners is more, you should buy an electric sharpener. But if there is not much use of a sharpener, you should go for a handheld sharpener.

Common Chainsaw Sharpening Myths and Mistakes

There are some myths and mistakes related to chainsaw sharpening and these are: –

  • Wrong size file – It is important to select the file based on the size of the pitch of the chainsaw while sharpening. When the proper size of the file is selected then 80 percent of it remains inside the cutter and the remaining 20 percent is above the cutter. Due to this, the end of the cutter tooth develops a crescent-shaped sharp hook. The top edge of the cutter does not get sharpened if the file of small diameter is used. On the other hand, the hook of the tooth gets removed if the large size file is used.
  • No filing of the depth gauge – The depth gauge of the chainsaw controls the penetration of the cutter teeth. During the filing of the cutter teeth, it is important to lower the depth gauge as the top plate of the cutter tooth is placed at a back angle. If the cutter teeth are only filed and the depth gauge is not filed, then the chips become smaller with each sharpening.
  • Filing the depth gauge more than required – The chip of the chainsaw becomes big if the depth gauge is over-filed. Due to this, there is overworking of the chainsaw, and kickback can occur in it.
  • Making use of a dull file – Using a dull file is important to use a sharp file as the chainsaw chain is very hard. While sharpening, pressure has to be put on the file. But if the file skates at this time, it indicates that the file is worn out. When the file is fixed, and a filing tool is used, you must rotate the file regularly, even to wear. 
  • Backward filing – The filing must not be done backward, it should be moved from the inside of the tooth to the outside. If the opposite of this is done, it leads to wear out of the file because as compared to the file material, the outside of the tooth is chrome-plated. 
  • Improper bracing of the chainsaw – While sharpening, the bar should be placed in a bench vice. This is the best way to brace it. In each stroke, even pressure should be applied and for every tooth, the number of strokes should be the same.  If you need to sharpen the chainsaw in the field, then a stump vice should be used. Or, you can even use a log to brace the tip of the bar. After this, you have to lock the chain brake. 

Conclusion for Best Chainsaw Sharpener Review

A chainsaw is just like any other tool which wears out with time, and there is a need to sharpen it again so that its working is not impacted. It can be done with the help of a good chain sharpener, and we have mentioned some of the best chainsaw sharpeners in this article. All the details of these chainsaws are also indicated, which can help you select the most suitable based on your requirements.

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How to maintain the chainsaw?

Chainsaw is mainly used in the winter season to saw the woods. Once you are finished with this process, it is required to provide maintenance to your chainsaw. You should check the tension of the chainsaw and put oil in the chain.

Place the chainsaw in the proper space and it is advised to cover the blades so that dulling is prevented. Before storing, it is recommended to sharpen the chainsaw. This will help to prevent the hassle in the next winter.

If you want your chainsaw to last for many years, it has to be maintained properly. In case you have no time to provide maintenance to your chainsaw, it is good to take it to a service center. With this, the machine gets back to the proper working condition. 

If the chainsaw is used often, then it is better to get a chainsaw sharpening tool. It is economical as well as user-friendly. 

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How to Tighten the Chain on a Chainsaw?

While testing your chainsaw chain, you may find that there is a need to readjust the tension. Thus, you need to know how the chain of the chainsaw can be adjusted. Below is how you can fix the chain in the chainsaw properly by tightening or loosening the tension.

The first step is to lose the nut that is present on the guide bar side panel. In some chainsaws, a brake is presently attached to the side panel. In those, before losing the nut, you need to unlock the brake. After the first step, you will find tensioning screws present on the side of the guide bars. With this, adjustments in the saw tension can be made. 

You need to turn the screws to the right if the tension of the chain is loose. This will help to tighten the chain. In case the tension is tight, the screws are to be turned on the left. In this way, the tension will be loosened. 

Once the tension is adjusted, the nut on the side panel has to be tightened. If the tension is not found to be correct, you have to adjust the screws until this is resolved. 

While tightening the nut on the side panel, you have to be extra careful as this process involves lifting the nose of the chainsaw. If precautions are not taken properly, the machine can be damaged.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to sharpen a chainsaw blade?

To sharpen a chainsaw blade, first, you need to sharpen the tooth, grind the depth gauge, and finally ride on the previous and next tooth so that the pitch angle is at the correct position.

How many times can you sharpen a chainsaw chain?

Before replacing the chainsaw chains, we usually sharpen them a few times so that no hindrance is witnessed related to the efficiency. There is no specific number of times suggested, but experts indicate that 3-5 times a chainsaw should be sharpened, and after that, you must replace it.

Is it worth sharpening a chainsaw?

Like any other tool, a chainsaw also gets wear and tear, and its sharpness becomes less with use, and every time you cannot buy a new chainsaw. So, please sharpen it with a chainsaw sharpener. It is cheap and worth buying.

Why does my chainsaw blade get dull so fast?

A chainsaw blade can become dull due to various reasons. Due to the dust and sand on the ground, it can become tiresome. Also, while cutting the bark of the trees, it can become dull as the barks are covered in soil and dirt.

What should you not do with a chainsaw?

There are certain things that you should take care of while using a chainsaw. It should not be run into the dirt as it can make the chainsaw blades dull. Never cut the wood with improper blade tension. The used motor oil should never be filled in the chain lube reservoir. The chainsaw should not be refueled when it is hot. If the blades have become dull, they should not be used. Also, if the air filter is dirty, the chainsaw should not be used.

Does cutting wet wood dull a chainsaw?

If the chainsaw is used to cut wet wood, it will not cause any harm to the chainsaw. The wood might have dewdrops, snow, or raindrops which is normal.

How do you sharpen a chainsaw with a Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener?

It is easy to sharpen a chainsaw with a Timberline chainsaw sharpener. First, you need to set the tool onto the saw and insert the carbide into the guide to adjust the height.

The outside knobs need to be tightened and then pull the carbide out. Now pull the chain forward to the next tooth. Remove the carbide and insert it into the other guide. The outside knob has to be loosened so that the carbide slides into then retightens.

The stop forward has to be moved by tightening the rear thumbscrew. By turning the handle clockwise, the tooth gets sharpened.  In this way, each tooth can be sharpened individually. With the help of a Timberline chainsaw sharpener, a razor-sharp edge can be produced.

What is the best chainsaw sharpener?

There are many chainsaw sharpeners in the market, and each one of them is good. The main utility of it depends on your requirement. In the above article, many good chainsaw sharpeners are mentioned, and you can select any one of these based on your needs.

Does chainsaw Buddy sharpener work?

It is attached to the chainsaw bar and has fingers that slip under a small log which helps in cradling the wood. As a result, it prevents the chain from contacting the ground. So, it can be said that a chainsaw buddy sharpener is helpful.

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